BMO Let’s Start

What is BMO Let’s Start?

Let’s Start is an investment in you. It shows you how to take control of your money, make financial decisions with confidence, and stay on track towards your goals to realize the life you want.

Choose what you want to learn

How will you take control of your money and build a brighter financial future?

Financial confidence, made easy

Follow a series of simple activities to become more financially informed and better at managing your money.

Learn at your own pace

Choose the financial topics that fit your life and goals. Pause when you want to. Return when you’re ready.

Learn hands on

We’ll take you through the practical steps of weighing your options and doing the calculations before making important financial decisions.

Dig deeper

Tips, tools and resources are always within reach if you’re curious to learn more.

Learn anywhere

Explore Let’s Start from home or on the go – anywhere you have Internet access – on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


of Canadians say they keep a close eye on expenses using either a written or electronic record