Managing my Money

Creating a Spending Plan

Take control of your money by making more conscious choices about where and how you spend

About Creating a Spending Plan

Some people let money slip through their fingers, while others hold on to it with a fist. To live a good life, both now and in the future, you’ll probably want to land somewhere in between. Creating a spending and savings plan (what you may know as a budget) is the best way to find a healthy balance between what you need, what you want, and what you hope to achieve. We’ll walk you through the steps and help you figure out your priorities so that you can begin to turn the money you have into the life you want.

Who it’s for

  • You don’t have a budget
  • You have financial goals in mind, but aren’t sure how to achieve them

How it can help

  • Know your financial priorities
  • Make smarter spending decisions
  • Discipline yourself to make regular contributions to savings

What you’ll learn

  • How to separate needs from wants
  • Why your spending choices should align with your values
  • How to create a spending and savings plan