Managing my Money

Getting back on track

Figure out what needs to change when you can’t seem to get your budget to balance

About Getting back on track

Living according to a budget isn’t always easy, especially when life throws you a financial curve ball. But when money is tight, it’s more important than ever to see the big financial picture and have a spending and savings plan. It may be time to get to the heart of what’s not working and make some changes to how you manage your money so you can get your financial life back on track. We'll get you started in the right direction.

Who it’s for

  • You’ve been living with a budget for awhile
  • You struggle to stick with it
  • You’ve had a life event that changes the financial picture

How it can help

  • Identify what’s not working
  • Get tips on how to spend less to achieve more
  • Be prepared to deal with financial surprises without going into debt

What you’ll learn

  • How to reset your priorities
  • Ways to kick bad spending habits
  • Why you should have an emergency fund
  • Cost cutting that makes a real difference