Saving & Investing

Investing my money

Learn how to grow your money to achieve those goals that are 10 years or more down the road

About Investing my money

If you’re like many people, investing for the future you dream about might have taken a back seat to the things you need and want in the short term. Or you may feel you don’t know enough about investing to make it work for you. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. And the sooner you start the better. We’ll take you through the basics of investing and show you how to balance the demands of today with the dreams of tomorrow.

Who it’s for

  • You’re thinking about long-term goals like retirement or a house
  • You aren’t sure what type of investments to choose
  • You want to learn more about how investing works

How it can help

  • Become comfortable with investment terms
  • Understand your comfort level with risk before you start to invest
  • Know how much money you’ll need

What you’ll learn

  • About risk and return
  • The basics of stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • How to use plans like the RRSP, TFSA and RESP