Managing my Money

Where my money goes

Take the first step towards financial confidence by becoming more aware of what you earn and how you spend it.

About Where my money goes

Money comes and money goes. It may seem beyond your control. But most of that coming and going has to do with the choices you make. If you’ve decided it’s time to take control of your finances and make some positive changes in your life, you’ll need to know where you’re starting from. So let’s start to become more financially self aware by recording your income and expenses.

Who it’s for

  • You wonder where all the money goes
  • You want to start keeping better financial records

How it can help

  • Get a clear picture of where you’re spending each month
  • See where the path you’re on may be leading you
  • Complete the first stage of creating a spending and savings plan, also known as a budget

What you’ll learn

  • What your net income is
  • How to record your monthly expenses
  • What your cash flow position means